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Kenshin Pages (alphabetical order)
The Akabeko
- a site modelled after the Akabeko; run by Tae-san.
Angie's Rurouni Kenshin Webpage
- comprehensive site; lots of stuff gathered from various places across the web.
The Battousai Obsession
- info, images, fanart, multimedia, and more.
The Battousai Shrine
- a shrine to the Battousai.
Central RK NEW!
- in Portuguese.
Densetsu no Hitokiri Battousai
- Images, screencaps, and movies galore!
The Enishi Shrine
- one of my sites. mostly parody stuff, but has an image gallery worth mentioning.
Heart of Sword - A RK Online Magazine
- innovative new site comprised of articles and fan-works
Ice Blue Eyes
- A cute shrine to Aoshi and Misao; postcard service, images, freebies, fanstuff, etc.
Jump Comics: Rurouni Kenshin
- the official homepage; has some oddish pictures of Watsuki-sensei and Kenshin. Japanese only
The Kamiya Dojo: House of RK Screen Captures
- screen captures! Woohoo!
The Kenshin Place
- screen caps, character shrines, net postcards, and other stuff
Kenshinz Girl Dojo
- info, music, images, etc.
Kris and Mike's Convention Page
- a neat page with pictures of Rurouni Kenshin cosplay.
Kuni Tori
- dedicated to the mother of all wrapped villains; that hunka-hunka-BURNING-love: Shishio!
Let It Burn
- RuroKen wallpapers; needs IE to get the full effect, I'm thinking.
Mibu no Ookami
- lots of stuff on Saitou, as well as greeting cards and other great stuff.
. p r o j e c t : o r o .
- character profiles, episode guide, image gallery, multimedia, and more.
- lots to look at, including an OVA section.
- free e-mail
Rurouni Kenshin NEW!
- in French
Rurouni Kenshin Archive
- lots of original images, sound gallery. The random quote generator is fun, too.
Rurouni Kenshin MPEG
- lots of Kenshin movies; opening and closing themes, commercials and things.
Rurouni Kenshin Online NEW!
- General Info, Multimedia, Fandom, Parodies, Rk sites database and character description
The Rurouni Kenshin Shopping Guide
- A comprehensive guide to finding RuroKen stuff on the net.
Rurouni Kenshin Shrine
- multimedia, desktop themes, MP3s, and more
Rurouni Kenshin: The Unknown Side of a Battousai
- images, multi-media, fanart, and more
Rurouni Kenshin Unlimited
- series/character stuff, historical facts about the series, and Real Audio music clips
Samurai X en Espanol
- Well... it's in Spanish, so I can't really give a good description; has MP3s, videos, realplayer, etc... Spanish only
Sanosuke's Den NEW!
- This site includes profile, images, movies, fan fictions, links.
SASSE Mailing List Homepage
- SASSE: a mailing list for the RK series.
Shinomori Aoshi's Oniwabanshu HQ
- images, info, great fan art, and stuff on the Oniwabanshu.
Sony's Rurouni Kenshin Page
- the official website. Japanese only
- Info, images, and midi files. Neat layout.
- A fanfiction archive with a nifty site design. Lots of high-quality fan fiction.
Team Bonet - Rurouni Kenshin
- A cute site with Kenshin fanfics and fan art.
- interactive stuff to play with.
The Zanbatou Storehouse
- manga summaries, images, and a fun section called "Our Kamiya Dojo"

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