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Info and FAQ.
Rurouni Kenshin started out as a manga by Nobuhiro Watsuki (who just happens to love a certain American comic with the letter X in it...) It wass released weekly in the magazine "Shonen Jump", as well as every two months in a compilation manga. There are 255 chapters total; the last was released in volume 43 in September of 1999. There are 28 volumes of manga. At the end of volume 28 is a short story called "Meteor Strike" by the same author. During the production of what I think was volume 5, some really smart people in Japan decided "Hey, we should make this great story into an anime!" Poof! The anime was born. I personally like the manga a lot more than the anime. :::ducking::: For one thing, those annoying little kids aren't there. And you don't have to deal with those idiotic filler episodes. :::dodging various fruits and vegetables::: For excellent translations of the manga, visit Maigo-chan's Rurouni Kenshin Manga Translations. She's currently done up to volume nineteen.

The anime ended on episode 94 in September of 1998. An unaired "secret" episode 95 was released straight to video. There are four OVAs that were released starting in December of 1998, which tell the story of Kenshin's cross-scar and end the television series.

The rights to various parts of the Kenshin series have been purchased by American commerical companies. Media Blasters got the TV episodes, ADV got the movie and OVAs, and Sony itself is looking to air the show on American television. Media Blasters has announced that they will not be selling subtitled VHS; only subtitled DVD. Dubbed versions will be sold in both formats. They will attempt to release 8 episodes per month. ADV plans on both subtitled and dubbed VHS, with DVDs being released at a later date. ADV plans to start the release of their VHS versions of the OVA series sometime this coming summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

"How much of the t.v. series do you have?" and/or "Will you copy it for me?"
Actually, I don't have any of the series. The images on this site come from various artbooks and things. As it says above, I'm a fan of the manga. The only thing I like about the anime is the music. ^^; And since I don't have the series, I can't copy it for you. I have, however, seen the entire series, as well as the "secret" episode 95, and the first three OVAs.

"Can I use your images?"
Of course. ^^* That's what they're here for. The only things you may not have are site graphics, translated images, fanart, and/or parodies. A link back would be great, but it's not required. For those of you who are super polite and think you need to e-mail and ask anyway, please just take them. ^^; You'll save both of us time.

"Why don't you update more often!?"
Well, for one thing, I'm running out of things to scan. (I don't have screencap hardware on my computer.) I've scanned most of the pictures from all the artbooks, as well as the best of the manga, AND other random advertisements I come across. Also, I'm in college and have very little time to keep this website active. Having people yell at me about this doesn't make me want to update; it makes me want to delete the site. Please be more considerate.

"Where can I get the Kenshin manga online?"
A few good places that have come up are Sasuga Books, The Place, and Nikaku. I, however, have never tried any of these places; I got mine from a real and true bookstore, so I'm not endorsing any of these people. (^^;) Buy at your own risk.

"What's your e-mail address?"
See the "Me" section of the site. It's got contact info.

"Where can I buy --insert random RK item here-- online?"
Try They're reliable, and if they don't have it, they can probably special order it., they didn't pay me to say that. ^^;;

"Can I link to you?"
Of course! This site is link free. If you have a Kenshin page and would like a link back, just e-mail me. (provided your site is G-rated)

"Why don't you put up episode summaries/character info/etc.?!"
Because this is an image gallery. ^^; There are plenty of great Kenshin sites out there that do that sort of stuff. I'm concentrating on pictures here. Sorry. ^^;

"Here's a fanfic! What do you think?"
Er... guys, I'm really sorry, but I don't like fanfics. If you want it put up in the fanfic section, tell me, and I'll do it, but please don't ask for opinions because I just don't like reading fanfics at all.

"Send me a file!"
How rude. No. Download it yourself, lazy!

"How do I download your midi files?"
Right click over the file and choose either "save as" or "save link as". If your browser doesn't do that, you should go download Netscape. >:D If you want me to e-mail you a file, see the question before this one. Remember: if you're going to use the midi file on a webpage, you must credit me for making it!!!

"Do you take requests for midis?"
Nope, sorry. There's a voter on the midi page; those are the midis I can make fairly easily. Other songs take a long time because I have to do them by ear, and I just don't have time right now. In the event that I win the lottery, quit school, and have tons of spare time, I'll start taking requests. But for now, vote for your favorite on the list.

"What does OVA/OAV stand for?"
OVA stands for Original Video Animation. OAV is the same thing (Original Animated Video). They are the term used for episodes and movies that were not shown on television or in theatres, but sent straight to video. Both usages are correct.

"Send me a free ---insert item here--- from Kenshin!!"
I can't believe I actually have to put this question in here, but believe it or not, it IS a frequently asked question as of late. HELLO? I'm a starving college student. I can barely afford to buy stuff for myself, let alone some random person from the internet. NO! Don't be so rude!!

"Where can I get a Japanese browser?"
There are two good choices: one, you can go to Shodouka, which is a website that will show you what any page looks like with the Japanese font, without having to download anything. Or, you can download NJWin, which is what I use. ^^*

"Will you scan --insert picture here-- for me?"
No, I'm sorry; I don't have time to take scan requests any more. ^^;

"Do they sell/show Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin in --insert country here--?"
Um, guys? I'm American. I live in the States. I have NO idea what they sell elsewhere. The best thing you can do is find someone who likes RuroKen in your respective country and ask them. I really have no idea. ^^;

"Why can't I get fansubs of RK anymore?!"
At least two fansub groups received warning letters from Sony, and as a result, fansub distribution was halted. RK has now been bought in its entirety by various commercial US companies. Please see the top of this page for more information.

"Can I have the sheet music to your midis?"
I've recently found out that there's an actual book of RuroKen piano music, so I can't distribute any sheet music that I've written out. It would take away from the sales of that book and would be ripping Sony off. So, no, sorry.

"What does 'oro' mean?"
Oro translates roughly to "huh?" It's the sound effect for someone being *very* surprised and/or confused. It's not usually said out loud. ^^; It's pretty much for comedic relief.

"What image editor do you use?"
Paint Shop Pro 5. You can download a trial version from JASC.

"How did you make those midis?"
Noteworthy Composer.... you can find a trial version somewhere on the net, I'm sure.

"What's the deal with 'Samurai X'?"
Ugh. Don't get me started. "Samurai X" is the dubbed version of Rurouni Kenshin that Sony is currently showing in the Philippines. It's gross. They got all the names wrong, first of all. (Kenshin=Kenshi, Kaoru=Kori, etc...) Next, Battousai was NOT a samurai! Samurai was a warrior *class* in Japan. You had to be born into it. Yahiko was a samurai, but Kenshin was not. The dub version also calls him "Battousai the Slasher"... >_< *queasy* It's really "Hitokiri Battousai". The best translation I've heard of that is "Shadow Assassin". So if you live in the Philippines, do yourself a favor and find someone who has the REAL RuroKen, okay?

"So can you make me some transparent GIFs?"
Nope, sorry.

"Your html code is really..."
Sloppy. I know.

"Why don't you have MP3s or MPEGs on your site? I deserve more than just a bunch of pictures!"
Not enough server space. No screencap capability. MP3s are illegal.

"So why can't I just take your midis and put them on my site without a link to you?"
Because it took me a long time to sequence them ("Starless" and "It's Gonna Rain!", especially), and it really pisses me off when people just help themselves to my hard work. You can use them, but you'd damn well better give me credit somewhere. (Ryuuen is sick of seeing her midis pop up in random places without her name on them. T_T)

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