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Chapter 219: Yahiko's First Real Fight

Two quarters of Japanese; translations suck; be kind; yadda yadda.

Kujiranami fires at the officers trying to stop him. "I can't stop him! He's running wild!" The building is destroyed. He turns away from the burning structure. "BATTOUSAI!!"

"You... because of you my warrior's pride has been snatched away... will you also tell this warrior where to die?" (erp. I think...) ^^; He turns back to fire another round at the building... "BA TOU.... SAIIIIII!!!" The structure is completely engulfed in fire as he turns from it and starts walking away.

The officers are stumbling around outside. "Are you okay, Shinichi?" Shinichi replies, "Yes... somehow..." Other officers are lying around moaning. They look at Kujiranami. "He... he's going THAT direction...!" "That monster is heading..." "This is terrible! He's heading straight into the town!"

(Back with Yahiko and Tsubame) Yahiko pats Tsubame on the head again. "Good. It's okay now." Tsubame says nothing; she pictures Kenshin patting her on the head. She giggles. Yahiko glances at her, "What?" "You," she replies. "You've just grown up a bit." BONK! Yahiko stomps away; Tsubame has a bump on her head. "Oww..."

"Go cry in the kitchen!" (?) Tsubame: "I'm... I'm sorry! I just really thought it was true..." Tsubame catches up with Yahiko. He replies, "Oh." Tsubame: "Hey... awhile ago... you said you had something to tell me that would make me feel better... what...?" Yahiko stops and glares at her (still miffed). "I don't think you need it; you're lively enough..." (meaning laughing at him.) Tsubame gives him this look. "That's... terrible..." Yahiko snorts.

"Fine." He then says something... about ^^;; her usually being happy and him not being able to teach her anything special. (?_?) "So listen to me and be happy again! The truth is--"

They are interrupted by a rucus down the street. "Everyone run!!! Right this second! Hurry! Get out of the city!!!" "Hurry!!" The townspeople: "What? What?" "What's wrong? What's happened?!" The police shout back, "There's no time for an explanation!"

Yahiko runs toward the commotion. Tsubame calls after him. "Yahiko-kun!" He approaches one of the officers. "Oi, what's happened?" The officer ignores him, hollering at everyone to hurry. Yahiko gets a vein-poppy-mark. "Hey! Down here!" The officer continues to ignore him. "Hurry! Hurry!" Yahiko delivers the misbegotten officer a flying kick to the groin. "I SAID 'WHAT'S HAPPENED'!! ARE YOU LISTENING???" (He also calls out the name of the move, but I can't read it; sorry!)

The officer doubles over and says in a small voice: "Forgive me; you're small; I couldn't see you..." Yahiko is more incensed. "IS THAT SO?" Tsubame thinks: "He gets mad if you say he's big; he gets mad if you say he's small..."

The officer says "The prisoner has escaped... he's an atrocious offender... he's come to this town; just over there! He has a very powerful weapon attached to his missing right arm! It's a one-armed man with super-human strength! Even with all our officers firing on him, he's still standing and destroying everything!"

Yahiko looks. It's Kujiranami. "It's THAT bastard... What's wrong with Saitou?! Why didn't he stay and watch this guy?!" The officer asks, "Saitou?"

Yahiko explains. "He's a cutthroat-type guy with antennae for hair and eyes like this..." The officer remembers. "Ah! Captain Fujita!"

"Captain Fujita has been gone since early this morning. The (director?) went with him... Director Chou (???) said that it wouldn't be too hard to watch the prisoner because he was seriously injured!"

"But it all happened so suddenly... We'll call for reinforcements, but it will take time for them to get here! By that time, this town will surely be turned into a sea of flames, so hurry--"

Yahiko asks, "So WHAT are you going to do about this CHAOS?" (The townspeople are running everywhere in a panic.) The officer sweatdrops. "A--" Yahiko demands, "What's your name?" Officer: "E-?" Yahiko: "Your name!" Officer: "Shi-- Shinichi Kosabirou... fifth-class (?) policeman..." Yahiko: "In other words, nobody important. Okay!" (??? what the heck is "pe-pe-"??)

Yahiko takes command. "Let's hold him back! Continue with the evacuation and assemble about 1/3 of them at the gate!" Shinichi just stares at him. "O.. Okay." Yahiko hollers at him. "Don't be slow! This is urgent, Shinichi!" Shinichi: "Y- yes!"

A hand grabs the back of Yahiko's shirt. It's Tsubame. Yahiko looks at her. "W.. what?" Tsubame says, "But... there's nobody else here... Saitou-san, Shinomori-san, Sanosuke-san, Kenshin-san... If something should happen, there's nobody here..." She stops. There is a sweet and touching moment.

Yahiko takes her hand off his shirt. "That's right. It's because nobody is here that I need to do this. Here I will fight by myself." Tsubame cries, "Yahiko-kun!" Yahiko continues, picturing his meeting with the dejected Kenshin. "Bad as it may be, I've decided. This is what I've earnestly been looking for. So, because of the weak people I see reflected in my eyes, I will swing my sword." (Crappy translation, sorry. -_-;;)

He turns to leave. "It's okay! Don't worry! It's just like I told you! 'We will all definitely live to meet again!' So don't cry! Be good and wait, okay?" Tsubame's hand reaches out... "Ya--.." Yahiko runs away. "Ya... hiko-kun..." She begins to cry. "Yahiko-kun!"

Meanwhile, the policemen are talking. "Are we really going to hold that monster back?!" "That's the intention. Even though it's probably impossible..." "Even with all our police armaments, I think it's already too late..." A voice shouts from above them: "It's not impossible!!!"

It's Yahiko. He's on the roof. "With so few policemen, our front line will be two or three people at best. The road is wide here! So, it will be easy for him to get around by the side of the buildings! But we are the police!" A man standing next to Shinichi asks, "What is this brat?" Shinichi replies, "Eh.. but.. I think we should listen to what he says. OKAY! I may not be important, and I may be just fifth-class, but I AM a policeman!" His friend: "H.. hey..." Yahiko continues: "We fight for all the people in the world! And if we die, we will cherish it as our long-sought-after ambition!!"

Yahiko is screaming his head off with his "rousing" speech by now. "THAT'S THE SPIRIT!!!" Shinichi looks at him sarcastically. "What ever it takes to become great, right?" Someone calls, "He's here!" Yahiko draws his shinai. "So." He rushes forward. "You're just one person! (?) I am determined to kill you!!!" Kujiranami raises his weapon. "BATTOUSAIIII~~!!"

(and that's that. ^^*)