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Chapter 217

I'm sorry, my Japanese skills are bad; especially in RuroKen for some reason.. o_O;; Whaddaya expect from a person with 2 quarters of beginning Japanese? ;-;

Okay, we're still in the graveyard with Gein and Aoshi. Aoshi demands to know where Kaoru is being held. Gein jumps up in a tree and thinks to himself "You're impudent... don't underestimate me." Aoshi walks beneath him. "You're being careless... walking into my territory..." Aoshi draws his kodachis, and says "Oniwabanshuushiki Kodachi Nidouryuu Ougi: Kai Ten Ken Bu Roku Ren!" (His ougi o_O;) He then chops a pretty thick tree in half. (He looks really demonic... oo;;)

Gein freaks out and hops across to another tree. Gein thinks to himeself something like "He's strong, but there are hundreds of trees here... he's a totally different man than he was at Shishio's base..." But his power is the same if not more as that dark Aoshi's was..." (?) and he can't give up, for his two masterpieces... this is what he's been waiting for.

Aoshi spots Gein... "Are you finished with this game of tag?" Gein replies something like he won't be finished until he gets an answer... (?) Aoshi walks forward some more... and Gein springs his trap. "You're finished, Shinomori Aoshi!" (Actually, it's "you're hung!" but I don't think that's too good a translation... ^^;;) A giant spider-webby thing springs up around Aoshi. Gein tells Aoshi that he's trapped, and the finishing blow is "this"... he holds up a rope soaked in oil; the end is burning. If the ropes continue burning, Aoshi will be surrounded with flames and die. Gein orders Aoshi once again to tell him the location of his masterpieces or he will burn. Aoshi says that he burned the masterpieces; that he felt sorry for the dead bodies of the people that Gein used to make them. He uses another technique: Oniwabanshuushiki Kodachi Nidouryuu, On Myou Hasshi, where... it looks like he uses the tip of one kodachi against the hilt of the other to send it flying at Gein. o_O (I can't tell if it hit him or not. -_-;) Gein tells him to just die, idiot. Aoshi says something about pride, and is about to deliver the death blow (I guess)...

Gein abruptly starts pleading for his life and saying that he gives up. "Wait! Wait! I give up on my masterpieces! So wait!" Aoshi replies that he won't wait, because Oniwabanshuu punishments are absolute. Gein must be "put into darkness" because that is the last responsibility of the head of the Oniwabanshuu. And then Gein dies. (hehheh)

Sometime later... Saitou is standing in the cemetary... (all the trees are chopped down... wow... Aoshi...) One of the policemen calls to Saitou that it used to be the forest... he picks up Gein's mask. They also find the charred body of Kaoru's doll. They also find Aoshi.

He's kneeling in the charred pile. Saitou: "You, huh?" Aoshi replies that he knows the location of Yukishiro Enishi's Tokyo hideout. Saitou asks if Aoshi had any intention of dying with that black skull (Gein's mask). Aoshi replies "Of course not. I still have something to do... Someone is waiting for me." It then shows Misao sleeping... (mumbling Aoshi-sama...)

And that's it! (ow ow my brain) Just to tide you over until Shizuki-san or Wuken-san can get a Jump and fix all my horrid mistakes. ^^;;